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What are you worried about? It’s just the second issue.

Drones #2. Baltimore Comic Con, September 8-9.


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We Have Liftoff

Wait…isnt that just for space shuttles? No. It’s also for DRONES.

Because issue one just went digital! And it’s in color! 0.99 for 22 pages of mayhem, 4 pages of Bruno’s sketches, and a wonderful pinup by Carlos Trigo.

You can buy it on iTunes here and on Graphicly here.

Big thanks to everyone else who has contributed timelove to the project!

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T3 Signing

Thanks so much to everybody who came to the signing today at Terminal Entertainment. It was great meeting you all while practicing my bad German. I definitely want to hear your opinion of the book, so please write to me at chris (at) epigamics (dot) com and let me know what you think!

Also a big thanks to Mike Perkins, who is a great guy as well as an amazing artist, and to Ecki, Wolfgang and Gerhard for setting it up (and supplying me with a weekly dose of mildly hallucinatory comics).


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