epigamic (ep-i-gam-ic) – adj. attracting the opposite sex, as the colors of birds

epigamics – noun. comics that do the same

Epigamics is the self-publishing imprint of writer Chris Lewis. It was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing sexy comics that can be read, enjoyed, and discarded without fear of reprisal.

Chris Lewis is a member of the Comics Experience Creators Workshop and founder of the self-publishing imprint Epigamics. Chris’s work has appeared in the December Project anthology, as well as The Gathering #8 by GrayHaven Comics. His first miniseries, DRONES, is available through the IDW/Comics Experience publishing partnership.

You can reach me/him at:

chris (at) epigamics (dot) com


  • Jam Illustrator

    Seriously, I gotta watch a VIDEO about your COMIC? you can’t just write a blurb telling me about the story? That’s pretty lazy.