MITCH HAMMER Kickstarter is LIVE

Our Kickstarter for MITCH HAMMER #1 is now live. This is the book you can get for just $1.


Not bad, right? For just $1 we are offering 24 pages of construction worker vs. science-gone-wrong action.

This is the big one, people. All of my previous work has led me to this team, this book, and this Kickstarter. Fernando Pinto, K. Michael Russell, and Nic Shaw are firing on all cylinders, and Mitch is swinging all the fists. Trust us, this is the book you didn’t know you needed in your lives.

And if you back within the first 24 hours at the $5 pledge or higher, I’m going to send you 4 incredible indie comics for free. Yes, sirs and mams, if you join us on Day 1, PDFs of these 4 books will be in your inbox on Day 2:

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 12.47.43

More info on first-day backer goodies here

If it’s print you’re looking for, you’re also in luck. Because we’re offering an XXL print version of MITCH HAMMER, coming in at a whopping (and estimated) 7.5 x 11 inches, perfect for batting away mutant caterpillars.

Other rewards include pinups, an audio commentary, print copies of my other books, original art, and more goodies to be announced as the campaign progresses.

MITCH HAMMER #1 is completely finished, but we need your help to bring it to life. Please consider spreading the word and/or backing the campaign for just $1. Mitch and I thank you for it. Here’s the url:

All the monster-kicking action you need in life – MITCH HAMMER #1 for just $1 on Kickstarter


Be safe, and watch out for mutant caterpillars at a community college near you. It’s time to shed these larval forms…and fly away!

— C

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