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I wanted to share with you a book I’ve been working on for the last year. It’s called MITCH HAMMER, and it looks like this:


As you can probably surmise by the cover, it’s about a construction worker who runs afoul of science gone wrong at the local community college. That means big monsters. Oh, and there’s also the militant wing of the National Blood Clot association. It’s silly fun with a splash of NEXTWAVE, flaunting its girth in the manner of SHIRTLESS BEAR FIGHTER.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 17.05.42

The reason it has taken me so long to release this into the wild, is that, while I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve done, and while this creative team deserves EXTREMELY LARGE MOUNDS of praise, I’ve been quite nervous about how it will be received. On the surface it looks like a bigdumbaction comic, and though we do have copious amounts of slugging, there’s an emotional heart waiting to be uncovered. But will people take a chance on a book about construction workers? Blue collar action doesn’t exactly scream out BUY ME!

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 17.06.04

But the truth is, I’ve owned a hardhat and steel-toed boots, and once know how to use a jackhammer. (I even put that on my resume, much to the amusement of my girlfriend at the time.)  I’ve worked among and grown up around these people*. I’ve got welders, and sheet rock layers among my immediate family. They are hard-working, beer-guzzling guys and gals who don’t know Cormac McCarthy from a hole in the wall, but for the most part they are down-to-earth heroes who never fail to inspire me and get my creative juices flowing.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 17.05.19

This is my love letter to the men and women who build stuff. It’s also about not letting other people dictate to you how to be happy in life. It’s about the pleasures of having a mullet and a can of chewing tobacco always in reach. But while our hero might have simple tastes, you better believe he’s willing to stand up and fight injustice in the form of PUNCH domestic science-terrorists and multi-story mutants.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 17.06.36

I want to get this book into all the hands because MITCH means something to me. MITCH inspires me. And MITCH isn’t willing to remain hidden any longer. (Cue the rousing string section.)

And why would he with such an amazing creative team?

  • Fernando Pinto is our Chilean wonderman on pencils. His layout and design skills are bursting with energy, and he absolutely kills it on the caterpillars – both the mechanized and mutant-ized versions. He can do humor, he can do emotion, he can do action, all of which we are serving up in manly amounts.
  • K. Michael Russell is one of my favorite colorists, a superstar in the making, and I’m overjoyed we were able to get him on board before he blows up even more. I might not understand the ins and outs of color theory, but I do know the old-school palette he’s using for MITCH is just so much damn fun.
  • Nic J. Shaw has lettered the hell out of this book, somehow finding the time between lettering tons of other indie work and the hit Image title The Fix.
  • Dan Hill has edited all 3 issues, and it’s his insights and dedication to the craft that led me to dig deeper into what could have easily been a meaningless book about punching. Truly the man is Dan.
  • Chris Kosek is a brilliant designer. If anybody’s going to take a chance on this book, it’s probably going to be because of that cover.

With our little sausage fest complete, it’s now almost time to launch this thing on Kickstarter. Right now the plan is to go live on Tuesday, September 5th, and taking some inspiration from the extremely talented Ryan K. Lindsay, we’re only charging $1 for this 24-page issue.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 16.18.36

With that low entry price and some other fantastic reward levels, our goal is to get this into as many hands as possible. Speaking of rewards, here’s a little run-down:

$1 – MITCH HAMMER #1 pdf – 24 pages of construction worker vs. mutant monster madness

$5 – EXTENDED HAMMER pdf – the complete story, including script, special pinup, sketches, and other snazzy bonus material

$10 – DIGITAL HAMMER + PINUP – Extended pdf and one 5 x 7 pinup delivered to your door.

$16 – XXL PRINT VERSION – Issue #1 in super-size 7.5″ x 11″ print format, perfect for crushing your enemies. Includes pinup and extended pdf.

$20 – MIXMANCER BUNDLE – Mitch Hammer #1 plus the Mixmancer one-shot. Includes pinup and extended pdf.

$20 – XXL PRINT VERSION + AUDIO COMMENTARY – you’ll get to hear me talking up the team and discussing the creative choices we made while putting together the book – includes XXL print version, pinup and extended pdf.

$26 – KARMA POLICE BUNDLE – Mitch Hammer #1 plus Karma Police #1-4 (Vault Comics). Includes pinup and extended pdf.

$28 – DRONES BUNDLE – Mitch Hammer #1 plus Drones tpb (IDW). Includes pinup and extended pdf.

$38 – XXL BUNDLE – Mitch Hammer #1 plus print copies of Drones tpb, Mixmancer one-shot, and Karma Police 1-4. Includes pinup and extended pdf.

$50 – XXL PRINT VERSION + HAMMERED SCRIPT – in addition to Mitch Hammer #1, I’ll print out and send you a script that I’ve abused with a variety of power tools  and alcoholic beverages. Includes pinup and extended pdf.

$68 – XXL PRINT VERSION + SCRIPT REVIEW – in addition to Mitch Hammer #1, I’ll provide detailed notes on your comic book script (24-pages or less), followed by a 1-hour run-down on Skype. Includes pinup and extended pdf.

$100 – CONSTRUCTION SKETCH – Series artist Fernando Pinto will pencil and ink an 8.5 x 11 sketch of you as a construction worker – includes XXL print version, pinup and extended pdf.

$125 – CHARACTER SKETCH – Series artist Fernando Pinto will pencil and ink an 8.5 x 11 sketch of the character of your choice – includes XXL print version, pinup and extended pdf.

$150 – STAR IN MITCH HAMMER #2 – You’ll appear (and most likely get horribly disfigured) in Mitch Hammer #2 – includes XXL print version, pinup and extended pdf.

$250 – DELUXE COVER – Fernando will draw a cover and send you the original art, while K. Michael Russell colors the file and makes it purty for your own comic. Includes XXL issue #1, pinup and extended pdf.

That’s it for now, but expect to hear more around launch time, as I’ll be shouting in the bullhorn all over the Facebooks. Please consider sharing this info with your comics-loving friends, and we look forward to building this story with your support.


*Which in no way shape or form makes me a handyman, as my wife will happily attest.



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