T Bubs 2016

That’s right: Thought Bubble Comic Con is this weekend! After missing out on last year’s show, I’m overjoyed to be tabling in the Marquee at table 61 with my man Ryan O’Sullivan.

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-16-21-33 Be sure to swing on by for a copy of his wonderful book Turncoat, and while you’re at it, please have a look at my pretty things as well, including Karma Police, Drones, and the last remaining copies of Mixmancer. I’ll be offering special deals, free trading cards, illegible autographs, snarky asides, longing glances, and emotional connections.

Come say hi.

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  • Sebastian

    That’s awesome. I’ll make sure I swing by as I’m there for the Sunday only (I entered the art competition, which is on the site to view). Seems like ages ago that I bought the first issue of Drones at Kapow – an original print! Well done Chris!