Creating a kick-ass logo is easy…

…just hire Yannick Fortin, graphic designer and Canadian extraordinaire!

A lot of people have been asking me who designed the logo for my new book MIXMANCER. Well, I was chatting with my editor Yannick Morin, and he introduced me to a friend of his. This is how the conversation went:

Yannick, je te présente Chris, un très bon ami à moi et un auteur qui n’en est pas à son premier comic. Il a besoin d’un logo pour son comic MIXMANCER, une histoire assez pétée de DJ cosmique qui peut remixer des hsitoires pour changer le monde. Pense rave+ psychédélique + métaphysique.

I said, “yeah, what Yannick said,” because I don’t understand that crazy talk. Then I wrote back to say, “please add some hip-hop to whatever it is you’re doing.”

Yannick (Fortin, not Morin) came back to me about a week later with this:

MM LogoSuch a 70s piece of funky fresh pop – It was love at first sight.

But I’m a greedy bastard and I wanted more! I asked Yannick to try out a horizontal version to see if it would fit better with the cover of the book. This is what he delivered:

logo-MIXMANCER-FINALAnd that’s the version we ultimately ended up going with. You can check out Yannick’s logo and the final cover over on the MIXMANCER Kickstarter page.

Creating a good logo is tough work – especially when your briefing is in French. So if you find yourself in need of a graphic design genius, a guy who can morph one idea into two equally attractive logos, give Yannick Fortin a ring.

Examples of Yannick’s work, as well as his contact information, can be found here.


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