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And now…Thought Bubble

Hi all,

It’s been a wild few months. The Drones Kickstarter was successful and we’re now in the fulfillment phase. The amazing Carlos Trigo and I are almost finished with a 24-page one shot entitled Mixmancer. I’m also developing four other projects with artists whose work I’ve drooled over in many public places.

I’m also overjoyed to be heading to the wonderful Thought Bubble next week! I visited this show last year and was blown away by the atmosphere and dedicated fans. This year I’m exhibiting, and it will be the first time that the Drones tpb will be available to the public. If you’re going to attend, come by New Dock Hall, table #46, and say hello. I’ll also have some beautiful A3 prints, and there might even be some freebies for the first people to swing by.

See you there!Chris


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