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Big News II







New interview up at Ain’t It Cool News!

I had a blast talking to The Dean, and I really enjoy how he refers to himself as an @$$hole. I need a better nickname…

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Big News I

Drones #1 is now available at Orbital Comics in London! Can you believe that those five brave copies flew all the way from Germany all on their own? My little babies…all grown up. I miss them already and hope they find nice, loving homes as soon as possible. You know what would help me deal with this situation? If I had pictures of them with their new owners. In fact, why don’t we do something special. Send me a picture of you and Drones #1 at Orbital Comics and I’ll send you a free PDF of issue 2! You don’t even have to buy the comic – just make sure to hold it gently, give a big smile, and flash your favorite gang signs. I will also accept poor quality images with your head Photoshopped on somebody else’s body. Send your photos to chris (at) epigamics (dot) com or post them on I look forward to seeing your dirty, sexy mugs.

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